Quick Recommendations for 05/05/2018

Shorter than usual write-ups because I’d like to make a post and encourage myself to not be so far behind in watching and posting. Guaranteed to have less accurate ratings and shoddier reasoning for recommendation, because I bookmarked these after watching them instead of immediately writing down why I liked the match and I have a bad memory.

Laredo Kid vs Rey Horus – MDA – 02/18/2018 – GOOD
Technically good match, but hurt by both guys being técnicos and Horus not stepping up into the rudo role as the non-local. Some very cool moves.

Concord & Raptor vs Fetiche & Villano III Jr. – AAA – 03/16/2018 – FUN
From the work this is a basic above average tag match. It’s worth a look because Villano III Jr. shows tremendous charisma and I can see him becoming a big star. I see the same kind of thing here that I see in Sansón, where you get expressive body language that makes up for not being able to see his face.

Soberano Jr. vs Negro Casas – CMLL – 04/13/2018 – GOOD
Expertly worked lightning match. Both guys are still great in 2018.

Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther vs Templario, Puma, Tiger – CMLL – 04/20/2018 – GOOD
Templario is really good. Puma and Tiger integrate him into their teamwork to the point that they do a triple fusion pose. Panther Jr. is on. The match is good.

The Panther vs Fuego – CMLL – 04/24/2018 – FUN
I guess I saved this one because I liked it. I enjoy The Panther. Of all the matches on this list I watched this the most recently and I don’t remember a thing about it. But it’s a lightning match and you’ve got 10 minutes.

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