Match Recommendations for 03/30/2018

Audaz, Flyer, Star Jr. vs Disturbio, Templario, Virus – CMLL – 03/16/2018 – GREAT
Another premium example of big show CMLL letting the lower card guys go all out in the opener. They’ve got something to prove and the tecnicos especially show off some fantastic stuff. Audaz is going to break into the upper card sooner than you’d think in CMLL because he is making the best of every opportunity they give him.

Ángel de Oro vs El Cuatrero [mask] – CMLL – 03/16/2018 – EPIC
Mask match good enough to deserve to headline the second biggest CMLL show of the year. Cuatrero showed that he belongs at this level. Ángel de Oro, maybe not, but his performance here was at the top of what he’s capable of delivering. I may have enjoyed the first fall most in this match, which is not something you ever really say about a three-fall CMLL match. This is a dramatic match with a hot crowd that you should definitely watch.

Kráneo vs Euforia – CMLL – 03/19/2018 – GOOD
Rare one fall, no time limit match in CMLL, and a true clash of the titans. Kráneo is a tremendously likeable big man that is seemingly on his way from leaving the rudos to be a good guy since the crowd already loves him. Big Euf is here to punish him for it. They take good advantage of the Arena Puebla venue and set a good pace for their size. In the end it feels like both has given it their all in the ring.

Carístico, Último Guerrero, Gran Guerrero vs Mistico, Volador Jr., Valiente – CMLL – 03/26/2018 – GOOD
Entertaining story-based match where the Puebla crowd is nuclear to the point that Sky Team end up being the heels. I don’t know that CMLL will ever actually pull the trigger on the Carístico/Mistico feud, but any time we can even get teases like this it is so sweet.

Soberano Jr. vs Bárbaro Cavernario – CMLL – 03/27/2018 – EXCELLENT
I had last October’s Puebla meeting between these two as my favorite CMLL match of 2017. This meeting has a completely different feel in Arena México. This is is rudo Cavernario, barbarian Cavernario. Not just everyone’s favorite fun caveman. By the end of the second fall you feel like it doesn’t matter who actually wins the match, Soberano lost it due to the punishment he endured. Throw in an unconventional fall structure, a crowd that they reel in as the match goes on, and the fact that they turn in such a good performance with nothing on the line on a Tuesday night and you get a match that I highly recommend.

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