Match Recommendations for 03/18/2018

Centvrión & Fly Warrior vs Drako & Corsario Negro Jr. – TSW – 02/10/2018 – GOOD
There are many different ways you will end up watching Mexican indie matches when you look for them. This one is a shaky handheld camera from the apron recording a stiff brawl. A heavenly pairing. When you can feel the strikes and slams through your monitor, you are living the match.

Lilith Dark vs Sky Man – WMC – 02/11/2018 – FUN
Quick and stiff Strong Style match. Bonus points for the unique venue, Salón Balumcanan, that looks like it will be shutting down the wrestling event at any moment so they can set up for a bar mitzvah later in the evening. The stuff outside the ring is creative and there is some good work in here. I wish Lilith Dark got more offense in the match but that’s a minor complaint.

Penta 0M vs The King (Rey Fenix) – 1927 – 02/18/2018 – GREAT
The match is good enough that you can forgive the quality of the recording. The two brothers go to battle and the story is their familiarity. Most of the sequences have an additional two levels of avoiding and countering before someone lands a move. They are on equal footing and it seems like either could win. In this specific video, you get an angle on a tope con giro where Fenix blasts Penta through the front row that is excellent.

Dragón Lee & Mistico vs Forastero & Sansón [CMLL TAG, 8f] – CMLL – 03/02/2018 – GOOD
The present and future of CMLL put on a blistering display in the category of “you get up to one good match in a CMLL tournament outside of the final.” The actually open the tournament up with the longest match of the night and they do all the biggest moves. So you can enjoy this, then turn the show off and feel good about your decision.

Princesa Sugehit vs Zeuxis – Pura Raza – 03/03/2018 – FUN
They’ve wrestled a million times in CMLL so they decide to freshen the battle up here with crowd brawling. Beers are thrown, the crowd is hot, and for some reason they are both antagonizing Edgar. A nice time.

Johnny Idol, Sam Adonis, Titán vs Hechicero, Kráneo, Stuka Jr. – CMLL – 03/05/2018 – GOOD
This is another ideal Arena Puebla trios match. Because of the time limits and booking constraints, you don’t tune into these matches to see technical classics. This match shines because it’s all about the wrestlers doing bits. Sam Adonis in the intimate setting of Arena Puebla is one of the very best things currently going in wrestling. The Relevos Increíbles structure allows Kráneo to be a face, which he basically is anyway, but it also allows Titán to try out being a rudo. And he is awesome at it. I have hyped myself up so much writing up this match that I have upgraded the rating from FUN to GOOD. Watch this one.

Dinastía, Dragón Solar, Pardux vs Bronco González Jr., Fetiche, Mini Histeria – AAA – 03/17/2018 – GOOD
Sometimes the gospel of AAA Is Good In 2018 contains the message “you get one good match on a show” and I hope you don’t notice that the main event was the worst match of the year. In this case, it was the opener showcasing four Llave a Gloria 2017 finalists along with two established mini stars. To me, they can’t push the young talent fast enough. Pardux had a particularly good showing in this match, and Dinastía is one of the best workers in AAA. Cool teamwork, creative dives, and a neat finish in an 8 minute package.

NOTE: I will recommend Audaz, Flyer, Star Jr. vs Disturbio, Templario, Virus and Ángel de Oro vs El Cuatrero from CMLL’s 3/16 Homanaje a Dos Leyendas show in an upcoming post, they both make the cut but I don’t want to write them up without links to the matches.

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