Match Recommendations for 02/24/2018

Ricky Marvin vs Keyra – Lucha Memes – 01/07/2018 – GOOD
Well-constructed match in one of the best arenas for wrestling, Coliseo Coacalco. Ricky tries to set up as many environmental traps as he can, to questionable success. He did take two shots to the head that I wish he didn’t. Keyra held her own against the 20-year veteran. Some really cool spots in this one.

Centvrión vs Metaleón – Mexa Wrestling – 01/27/2018 – GREAT
Full Match (hard cam) –
Highlight (handheld, better angles of floor action) –
I watched an extended highlight for this one, then spent a while looking high and low for the full match. thecubsfan had me covered, so I went back and watched the full match. Overall the full version didn’t quite live up to the promise of the highlight, but the match was still very good. The first half is slow and the amount of unprotected head shots started to make me uncomfortable, but this is a heated, violent brawl.

Australian Suicide © vs Hijo Del Vikingo [AAA CRUISER] – AAA – 02/09/2018 – GREAT
Australian Suicide attempts the first defense of his title against one of the hottest young talents in AAA, Hijo Del Vikingo. Vikingo pulls out all the stops while Suicide is an excellent heel cruiserweight. This is a shining example of a Mexican junior wrestling match.

Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana vs Averno, Chessman, Súper Fly – AAA – 02/09/2018 – GOOD
On the other end of the spectrum from the high flying match earlier in the night, you have two rudo trios battling in the platonic ideal of a lucha libre trios brawl. They literally go all over the building, there are TWO beer buckets, there is a beer seller trying to get his beer bucket back from the wrestlers who stole it, and a solidly-booked finish. When was the last time you saw the crowd throw money in (and rightfully so) for a match that was in the actual ring for like 20% at most?

Ludark Shaitan vs Lunatik Extreme – Zona 23 – 02/11/2018 – FUN
The match itself is hard-hitting and has some cool weapon spots. It takes place in Arena Independiente in Tultitlán which is another one of those amazing “tour around Mexico independent wrestling” venues. It basically looks like a lot behind a building with a tarp hanging over it, complete with a scrap pile. Said scrap pile is full of car windshields and they are used to great effect in this match.

Niebla Roja vs Soberano Jr. – CMLL – 02/23/2018 – EPIC
Niebla Roja continues his post-mask renaissance by demonstrating with Soberano Jr. the very top of how good it’s possible to make a match with a ten minute time limit. Both guys bring their biggest moves. The finish is very cool.

Último Guerrero & Volador Jr. vs Rush & Terrible [natl pi, final] – CMLL – 02/23/2018 – EXCELLENT
The “incredible pairs” tournament each year seems to be a place where you are guaranteed an impeccably worked final with a match-up that you don’t see regularly. This year’s final wasn’t as good in the ring as last year’s (which won the Luchablog Tapatia Match of the Year) but the story it told kept it on the same high level that you expect. Volador is sporting a face mask from a nose injury suffered against Último Guerrero earlier in the week, and now they have to team up to battle two guys who seem to have the chemistry that you wouldn’t expect from a pareja increíble of enemies.  The match builds and the brawling is great and the storytelling is great and the result is great. Don’t skip on the few minutes post-match either, it’s important to the story. Any wrestling fan should go out of their way to see this match.

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