Match Recommendations for 01/17/2018

Keyra vs Lacey Lane – The Crash – 12/03/2017 – FUN
I watched this one after the Ludark match below, and I think it was a bit better. Lacey and Keyra had been wrestling each other in team matches for the entire November tour with The Crash and this was finally their singles meeting. They worked well together. The sequence on the outside was interesting, both had some nice spots, and the crowd was into it.

Keyra vs Ludark Shaitan – Generación XXI – 12/18/2017 – FUN
Nothing out of this world, but a nice example of what you get from Keyra when you let her go 10 minutes instead of 6. Keyra tries to wrestle, but Ludark only wants to punish. Couple of your standard Keyra match spots where she or her opponent take what looks like a way-too-hard kick or knee. Special surprise at the end as well.

Demus vs Wotan (beard vs hair) – Generación XXI – 12/18/2017 – FUN
Wild, nasty brawl. The Demus Special. Wotan bleeds an incredible amount. The booking is weird, but the violence outweighs it. And when was the last time you saw someone bet their beard on a match?

Daga vs Caifán – Lucha Memes – 12/25/2017 – GOOD
Between the time this happened and the time this got posted (one week), Caifán announced his retirement on Facebook (on Dia de los Inocentes of all days) and apparently actually retired. Just on the strenght of this Daga match and the Mr. Niebla one that got posted last week, I’m glad that we got to see his work in the ring, not to mention all the other ones through his 26 years. In this match, Daga knows he’ll have to go hard to hang with the veteran, and some of the kicks he delivers are almost too hard. You get the excellent trademark of Coliseo Coacalco: the battle spilling into the fans’ laps. When Caifán gets the upper hand, you can see he’s reveling in it.

Negro Casas vs Sam Adonis (hair vs hair) – CMLL – 01/01/2018 – EPIC
Sam Adonis goes after a second CMLL legend’s hair and turns in his top performance yet. As was the case in the Mexico vs Trump match-up with Blue Panther, the crowd is nuclear and rightfully so. Negro is an all-timer and he gets the best possible out of Sam. Must see. Special mention to Sam’s trunks, Sam’s “seconds,” and Sam’s 450. And every big move that Negro Casas takes. By the way, Negro’s rib was broken the entire third fall.

Fiero, Flyer, Magia Blanca vs El Coyote, Templario, Yago – CMLL – 01/06/2018 – GREAT
The other 51 weeks out of the year it’s almost always safe to skip the first and usually second matches on a CMLL Friday show. 1/6 was a special Saturday show for Three Kings’ Day and I guess they told the prelim guys they could do whatever they wanted. So they went wild, and it turned out great. Match is only about 10 minutes long and it’s worth your time. Plus you get to see Yago’s entrance. Afterwards they do a ceremony to present Fiero with the legacy gimmick of “El Audaz” and promise more opportunities for young wrestlers in 2018. I look forward to the Audaz/Templario rivalry continuing for the foreseeable future.

Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Hechicero – CMLL – 01/15/2018 – GREAT
A completely entertaining wrestling match with a ten minute time limit. You see the personalities of the guys and you get some really cool moves. Being free of the three fall structure helps the match. The main drawback of this kind of excellent performance in the middle of the usually lackluster Monday show is that you know that CMLL has the kind of roster that can put something this good on every show and yet this will just end up being “one of the only really good Puebla matches of the year.”

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