Match Recommendations for 12/29/17

Drone, Fuego, Stigma vs Felino, Puma, Tiger – CMLL – 10/31/2017 – FUN
Tuesday Guadalajara mid-card match where everyone is having a good time. Drone does two really cool dives, then botches a basic spot. Felino is in above average form. Fuego tries to show his bare ass to the crowd.

Volador Jr. vs Último Guerrero – CMLL – 10/31/2017 – GOOD
I was going to leave this one off the list because this is the 14th iteration of this match, including the third in 2017. It is a very good match. My memory stinks but I have to believe the other two versions this year were better. The first was in Japan and the second was a tournament final in Arena Mexico on a Friday. So if you didn’t see those, or you don’t mind seeing what you expect to see in a match, this one is worth the time.

Flamita vs Bandido – TSW – 11/18/2017 – GOOD
A solid match with two solid guys wrestling this solid style. There’s a little bit of innovation, but there’s also every guaranteed Mexican Indie Junior move you expect. Maybe if I only watched “this match” once every quarter I would like them all more, but seeing it once or twice a month has devalued it some.

MVP vs Xtreme Tiger – MDA – 11/19/2017 – FUN
Watching this and reviewing Wikipedia, I am fairly certain that this is the first time I’ve ever seen an MVP match. I have no idea if, historically, he is good. But he was good here. Short, standard-ish “small fast guy vs. big power guy” match, but MVP played his role well and his power moves looked good. The power bombs he gave Tiger in this match looked extremely painful.

Mr. Niebla vs Caifán – Lucha Memes – 11/20/2017 – GOOD
The Naucalpan crowd is here for Mr. Niebla. You can see several wearing his masks and they are loud in their support. Caifán takes advantage of this and spends the first several minutes destroying Niebla, making him bleed. They brawl over all sides of the arena, into the Cold Corner, really working the hot crowd. This is not a technical match at all but it’s still really entertaining and an easy recommendation.

Dragón Lee vs Bárbaro Cavernario – CMLL – 11/21/2017 – GOOD
Enjoyable singles outing between two of CMLL’s brightest young stars, considering it’s the fourth time they’ve met in 2017. Nice to see Cavernario is not destroying his knees doing the post-to-floor splash in every match these days. They manage to build a nice story around his in-ring splashes, and the finish looks brutal.

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