Match Recommendations for 11/01/17

Soberano Jr. vs Bandido – Lucha Memes – 10/1/2017 – GOOD
Soberano Jr. is one of the best wrestlers in the world in 2017. This match-up is a solid exhibition of highlights that takes advantage of Coliseo Coacalco to be something different from the big CMLL matches that Soberano’s already had this year. The match is 100% worth watching for Bandido doing an apron to floor headscissors that throws Soberano into a guy in the front row, completely destroying him and his drink. In the end, they only go 10 minutes, Soberano hurts his hand, and there’s no finish. If they put these guys in the main event and give them 20 minutes, I think they could have another one for Soberano’s highlight reel.

Laredo Kid, Mascarita Dorada & Arkangel Divino vs Steve Pain, Demus & Último Maldito – The Crash – 10/5/2017 – GREAT
+Lucha Highlight –
Full Match – (Konnan’s Patreon)
Much of the standard undercard for The Crash is about booking the most impressive flip and dive wrestlers and encouraging them to sprint for 8 minutes doing the best things they can think of. This match is a perfect example of that, and then they even take a few minutes afterward to build towards an interesting possible singles encounter. The dives in this one are outstanding, Laredo Kid is great, and Arkangel Divino brings it home with a double at the end.

Flamita vs The King (Rey Fénix)  – The Crash – 10/5/2017 – GREAT
+Lucha Highlight –
Full Match – (Konnan’s Patreon)
I liked this one more than the one from September. The opening minutes were really my favorite, I can always get behind the long counter exchanges where neither wrestler can get a solid hit in. The match still didn’t get all the way there for me because I thought the closing sequence was awkward. Still, enough quality on the whole to make it over the line from “good” to “great.”

Panthers vs Dinamitas Trilogy – CMLL – 10/2017 – GOOD
10/3 –
10/10 –
10/17 [Mex Trios] –
Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., and The Panther battled Sansón, Cuatrero, and Forastero three weeks in a row on the Tuesday Guadalajara show. The matches are all good and all different. They take advantage of the possibilities that are available for match structure and falls in lucha trios rules, ones that you don’t usually see. Blue Panther is still going in 2017 and La Nueva Generación Dinamita gets under the skin of the Panther family so bad that they start going for the Dinamitas’ masks. The build to the title match is good and the end leaves room for the rivalry to continue, which it almost certainly will.

Lilith Dark & Dulce Luna vs Lady Cat & Princesa Shira – IWRG – 10/11/2017 – GOOD
Really solid Wednesday mid-card IWRG match. All four women do a good job, but especially Lilith Dark and Lady Cat. This is a good match to watch if you want to see wrestlers destroying each other with different kinds of dropkicks. It’s difficult for me to believe that nobody was hurt taking some of them. Be on the look out for the most devastating Do-si-do I’ve seen in wrestling.

Lilith Dark vs Ludark – IWRG – 10/22/2017 – GREAT
IWRG has these one-fall ten-minute lightning-equivalent matches on most shows and they are usually good, but this one is even better than usual. Ludark and Lilith Dark, ruda vs ruda, stiff the crap out of each other, then drop each other on their heads for good measure. A tope goes wrong a little, but it ends up working in the “both wrestlers take so much punishment that did one of them really win in the end?” fashion.

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