Match Recommendations for 10/19/17

Rey Mysterio vs Matt Cross vs Xtreme Tiger vs Último Ninja – CTLL Martínez – 8/19/17 – GREAT
Really fun short match about spots. Almost too short, given the price I’ve heard that it costs to book Rey. The four-man mega-spot had me hooting at my screen.

Eterno vs Bombero Infernal (Cabellera vs Cabellera) – IWRG – 9/3/17 – EPIC
I had a great time watching this one. It reminded me as much of a bloody 80s territories brawl as a standard lucha match. Eterno’s 26 and he’s playing the role of the young kid that has to give it his all against the wily veteran. Bombero’s 45 and he’s been wrestling 2 years longer than Eterno’s been alive. Bombero’s got a classic rudo face and uses all of the tricks to try and defend his hair against the rudo kid that is the de-facto face. The third fall is very long and you just think “how much longer can it go this way?” but it a way where it feels like the expected turnabout is less likely to come, rather than more likely. Lots of blood, a really rowdy crowd, a nice self-contained and easy to understand story for a casual viewer. It won’t win any technical awards, but it’s two guys giving it their all to protect their cabelleras.

Ángel Mortal Jr., Tiger Boy, Villano III Jr. vs Angelikal, Hijo Del Vikingo, Solaris – AAA – 9/4/17 – GREAT
AAA runs out probably the 6 best La Llave a Gloria guys for a trios match in the first taping after Triplemania. Wish it was more than 8 minutes, but what we get is tremendous. Hijo del Vikingo should be a top star.

The King (Fénix) vs Flamita (The Crash Cruiser) – The Crash – 9/13/17 – GOOD
This one is right on the border for me. If you don’t watch this type of match too much you’ll probably like it more. Both guys are great, and this is more of a “house show” level Crash show. Still, it’s only taken 9 months of me following lucha more closely in 2017 to get to the point of being completely tired of every junior indie lucha match having the Spanish Fly, Canadian Destroyer, and Code Red in it. Couple that with “poorly shot phone cam” being the only watch to watch The Crash most of the time and you get a lower score.

Lilith Dark vs Lady Cat vs Hija del Pantera – IWRG – 9/27/17 – GOOD
Enjoyable triangle match hiding in the bottom half of a Wednesday IWRG show with a big cage match on top. I was especially impressed with Lilith Dark here.

Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Titán vs Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón – CMLL – 9/30/17 – GOOD
La Nueva Generación Dinamita battles all of your mid-card favorites in a regular trios match on a regular Guadalajara show. No weaknesses, just a good time.

Soberano Jr. vs Barbaro Cavernario (Mexican Welterweight) – CMLL – 10/2/17 – EXCELLENT
The Year of Soberano rolls on as CMLL lets an Arena Puebla title match go 30+ minutes including a 20 minute third fall. Both guys are at the top of their game and they go hard.

Mexico City vs. Guadalajara Cibernetico – CMLL – 10/3/17 – FUN
This one’s 6 vs 6 teams of undercard guys whose matches you usually skip over. I was impressed most by Star Jr, Oro Jr, Star Black, and Flyer, and the cibernetico format means you’re going to have a good time. Not as much drama as you’d want, but the wrestling’s good.

Torneo de la Leyenda de Plata – CMLL – 10/13/17 – GREAT
Not necessarily willing to go full MOTYC for this one, but it was an honorable mention for sure. There were some bits towards the end where everyone was blown up, and that hurt a bit. But the good parts were really good and the delivered on what you really want out of the match: unusual match-ups. Lucha Libre Boom had teased Caristico/Mistico the week before, and now it’s shown up on the big show. That will be one they tease for a long time, slowly, and it will probably never happen, but for now I can dream that it’s the main event of the 85th Anniversary show next September.

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