NOVA Pro Wrestling presents “NOVA Project 3” Show Review

NOVA Pro WrestlingSeptember 22, 2017NOVA Project 3 – Fairfax, VA (Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia)

0a. Isaiah Frazier vs Ken Dixon vs AC Hawkes vs The Juggernaut

0b. Donovan Danhausen vs Sage Philips

1. Sahara Seven vs Faye Jackson – This was short and fine. They wrestled two months ago and I presume Sahara is local, and in the end they didn’t have anybody else to book Faye against. Sahara’s promising.

2. Dominic Garrini vs Chip Day – Ended up being better than Kermon vs Day from last month. Garrini is really good and I’m happy whenever they book him. He was leaving as Kermon came out and they got in each other’s faces so they may be doing that rematch or program soon.

3. John Kermon vs Tim Donst – Listen, I was mad on the internet about Donst’s “Safety First” gimmick in NOVA the first few times. It’s the crowd’s fault and I still hate the crowd. BUT Tim Donst is living the gimmick now. He came out to Safety Dance and he wore a hard hat and neon safety jacket. “Safety First” Tim Donst is good now. Match was good I think, I don’t remember.

4. The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) vs The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) – Two of my favorite teams had what I would presume is their standard match. They’re both great, but I would say that it ends up meaning that I rate it as the first “good” Ducklings match in NOVA compared to the two previous “great” ones. The Carnies debuted a new theme music here and it’s excellent.

5. Curt Stallion vs Sonjay Dutt – Curt was very good, and I liked the match. I hope to see more of him in the future. The “guy yelling questions to the wrestlers during the match” was at his worst here, but Stallion yelled SHUT YOUR MOUTH and everyone in the section cheered so he shut up for the most part for the rest of the night. After the match Sonjay brought a 4 year old girl from the crowd (Allie Kat’s biggest fan) into the ring, that was sweet.

6. Alexander James & Bobby Shields vs Chet Sterling & “The Progressive Liberal” Daniel Richards – Dan Richards is so bad. I guess he’s decided that he’s going to own the “one note” gimmick even more because he did his standard promo against the 1% rich guy stable opponents here and then during the match he did Hulk Hogan moves. Big boot and leg drop with posing. Give me a break. Combo that with the profile from last week where he called a fan a bitch and said his dream is to work for WWE as enhancement talent, I’m even more over him than I already was.

7. Allie Kat vs Jordynne Grace – Solid match. Both are always welcome here and Allie took the match more seriously to match Jordynne’s intensity.

8. Beau Crockett vs Innocent Isaiah (Last Man Standing) – This one didn’t work for me. It’s a storyline feud coming to a theoretical conclusion, but Isaiah is a Cheeseburger-size guy so even with weapons and gimmicks I just didn’t buy that he ever had a chance in a match like this. It was almost 20 minutes long and that was too much after too long of a day to that point. They did a stretcher job and Isaiah went dark on Twitter for a full week and posted a video about how he had a serious concussion, but I can’t tell for sure if it is a work. If he really got a concussion, it was not worth it for this match.

9. Angelus Layne vs Mia Yim – Really good even though it was short. My questions about the booking bore out, because just as the match was getting going they played Brittany Blake’s music over the PA to distract Angelus, but Blake never came out and it allowed Mia to get the local celeb win without killing Layne’s heat. Blake is good, but Angelus destroyed her two months ago so I don’t know what kind of feud they’re going to have.

10. Logan Easton LaRoux vs Arik Royal – Tremendous 25 minute match, one of the best matches in NOVA Pro history. Nobody had truly defeated Logan in NOVA so far, and the quality of the match and the history of both Arik and Logan in the promotion made it feel like it was the right time to do it. Tons of hot near falls, a sequence brawling through all 4 sides of the crowd, and Logan being forced to tap out by the Ace of NOVA Pro sent everyone home happy from a show that ran long on a Friday and appropriately celebrated two great years of wrestling in northern Virginia.

A few days after the show NOVA Pro, which had previously said this was the first show they were taping with an “in house” crew, announced that the floor cam’s battery had went bad after match (I think) 3 on the list above, so they were going make a file with hard cam only for matches 0-3 and then full editing for 4-10 and put it on instead of trying to sell it on Smart Mark.

That said, quality-wise it was a one match show where the one match delivered above and beyond, but nothing else on the show was really worth going out of your way to see. It was still a fun time as it always is. When it’s up on I recommend the main event, especially if you can fit in any of the early shows they’ve posted to see how far the promotion has come.

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