Match Recommendations for 9/12/17

Penta El 0M/Rey Fenix vs. DJZ/Billy Star vs. Gringo Loco/Skayde Jr. – GALLI – 9/10/17 – GREAT – Six insane guys doing moves they made up. Don’t miss this one.

Látigo & Shaolin vs Harry The Sick & Taylor Wolf – IWRG – 8/20/17 – FUN – Enjoyable good locals vs. foreigners match

Angel de Oro, Johnny Idol, & Blue Panther vs Dragon Rojo, Polvora, & Hechicero – CMLL – 9/5/17 – FUN – Above average Tuesday trios match, everyone does their best

Mr. Electro vs. Villano V Jr. – IWRG – 8/27/17 – EPIC – The wrestling in this one is nothing special, but the story of “Mr. Electro antagonizing the entire Villano dynasty” is hot and I had a great time watching this. Considering neither of these guys were on my radar before I watched, I am now hoping they do an apuesta or at least continue the feud. Nothing I can see on the schedule before or after this that I can link in relation, though, and they were on a team back on 7/9.

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