Nova Pro Wrestling – The First Four Shows posted the first four Nova Pro Wrestling shows, so here’s my rundown of the cards based on my bad memory. I’ve been in the front row for every Nova Pro show, and have never watched any video of the shows except some single matches on Youtube, so I can’t necessarily comment on the commentary or camerawork.

I’ll post a rating if I remember enough to note one, if not it probably means my default rating is “whatever” and you don’t have to go out of your way to see that one. If they posted the match for free on Youtube, I’ll link it as well.

NOVA Pro Wrestling – September 25, 2015 – “NOVA Project” – Fairfax, VA (Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia)

1. Brandon Greene, Dominic D. & Shorty Smalls vs. BS Tiger, Naranja & Porkchop JacksonFUN – This is the first appearance of your new favorite indy guy, Brandon “Money” Greene, who has a perfect waxed mustache and does a rich guy gimmick very well. Porkchop Jackson was great and I was bummed they didn’t ever book him again.
2. Chet Sterling vs. Prakash Sabar – Prakash is the “X-Pakistani”
3. Beau Crockett vs. Bobby Shields
4. Arik Royal vs. Chase OwensFUN – Going to see Chase Owens live like a month after I watched every BOSJ match in 2015 was the main reason I wanted to go to this show when I heard about it. I like Chase and Arik has grown into one of my favorites after seeing him every month at Nova.
5. Brandon Day & Jay Steel vs. The Bravado Brothers – Bravados are fun
6. Innocent Isaiah vs. Kacee Carlisle
7. Chucky Wynn & Sidney Porter vs. MIA & The Reason – Chucky Wynn has the Eugene gimmick, so this was bad
8. Logan Easton Laroux vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Tim DonstGOOD – Sonjay was supposed to face Ethan Case but Case was injured, so they combined the top two matches into this trios match. It was good, and my first look at “The Champion of the 1%” Logan Easton Laroux. Laroux (Race Jaxon in Chikara) has been the top heel in Nova the entire time and the 1% gimmick is worthy of it. He does a really good job in Nova.

NOVA Pro Wrestling January 31, 2016 “Stay Vicious” – Springfield, VA (Annandale Sports Center)

1. Smith Garrett vs. Timmy Lou Retton – Timmy Lou Retton is very good, I am a big fan
2. Brandon Greene, Rayo, and Prakash Sabar vs. George Gatton, Dan O’Hare, and Jeff CannonballFUN – Next appearance from “Money” Greene. Jeff Cannonball is good too.
3. Brandon Day vs. Bobby Shields
4. Logan Easton Laroux vs. Chet SterlingGOOD – Watched the Youtube post to refresh my memory, it was solid. I think I can generally recommend watching Logan.
5. Frankie Pickard vs. Arik Royal – Frankie’s underrated and they haven’t booked him lately, but I don’t remember this one being one of the stand-out Royal matches.
6. Beau Crockett and Innocent Isaiah vs. The Bravado BrothersFUN – The historic first appearance of the Cutie and the Beast tag team, Beau and Isaiah.
7. Ethan Case vs. Sonjay DuttGOOD – The finish to the match launches the first major program in Nova Pro, so it leads in to the main event of the third show that I really liked.

NOVA Pro Wrestling March 20, 2016 “Last Exit To Springfield” – Springfield, VA (Annandale Sports Center)

1. Ethan Alexander Sharpe and Rayo vs Beau Crockett and Innocent IsaiahFUN – This one’s got “Money” Greene AND The Cutie and the Beast, so it gets a thumbs up from me
2. Bobby Shields vs John KermonFUN – MMA vs. pro wrestling match, I’m a fan of this type of match and I thought they did a good enough job with it
3. Amanda Rodriguez vs Maria Manic
4. The Brutes vs Dan O’Hare and Jeff Cannonball
5. Arik Royal vs Tim Donst – This was probably fine, both guys are good.
6. Joe Keyes vs Ken Dixon vs Frankie Pickard vs Smith Garrett – I only remember this because they brought four guys out to do a four way match, for the CWF Mid Atlantic Television Title, and it’s like 3 minutes long.
7. Brandon Day vs Matt Tremont – Brandon Day has no charisma, but Tremont is good of course
8. No Holds Barred: Logan Easton Laroux vs Sonjay DuttGREAT – This was my favorite Nova Pro match in the first five shows, but it could have been colored by just being a No DQ brawl around the building happening right in front of my face. I remember watching it back on Youtube when they posted it months later and not being as impressed, but I will stand by my original rating.

NOVA Pro Wrestling May 6, 2016 “You Only Move Twice” – Fairfax, VA (Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia)

1. Timmy Lou Retton vs. Frankie PickardFUN – This was a nice showcase for Timmy Lou Retton
2. Mecha Mercenary and Aaron Biggs vs. Jeff Cannonball and Dan O’Hare – This is four large guys in the ring and they’re all fairly good big guys. This is the first appearance of the Mecha and Biggs team that is now known as “The Sandwich Squad.”
3. Amanda Rodriguez vs. Veda Scott – Veda Scott’s first appearance, but I don’t particularly Amanda being anything special
4. Money Greene and Donnie Dollars vs. Cutie and The BeastFUN – Once again you have CatB and “Money” Greene and I’m going to recommend that every time.
5. Bobby Shields vs. Cedric Alexander – Don’t remember this one, but Cedric rules
6. Reed Bentley vs. Sean StuddFUN – First Nova appearance of Sean Studd. Reed Bentley is one of my favorites, but the star of this match is the Sean Studd Cheering Section. For some reason every time he has been to Nova Pro there has been a contingent of literally like 20+ people that are LOUD for him and his moves and match, and then they disappear afterwards. Like, they all left after his match and the place was noticeably more empty and quiet for the last two matches.
7. Brandon Day vs. Tim Donst – Day and Donst feud in Nova Pro but I can’t really remember any reason to recommend the feud other than the blow-off match on a later show.
8. Sonjay Dutt and John Kermon vs. Logan Easton Laroux and The Reason – Dutt and Laroux, the feud must continue. I think this one was fine, The Reason is not exactly a name guy to be thrown in with the other 3, and the match was billed as “Dutt and Kermon vs. Laroux and Mystery Partner” and that’s who it was.

All the shows only run about two hours and they are very good about not making anything in particular overstay its welcome.

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